Inspired by New Zealand Landscapes

How I began with Digital My first camera was the Olympus OM1, loaned by a friend when I was a university student. More than 30 years later, after a session of looking at old family prints and slides, my daughter asked why I no longer made pictures. Her question put me in touch with how […]

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The Olympus E-M1 as an adventure camera

Olympus have long been known as producers of sturdy cameras, that is cameras that can take a bit of a beating and won’t break a sweat in the process. That has certainly been my experience with the flagship Olympus E-M1 over the past few months. Previously I had shot with Canon cameras but having grown […]

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Everything happened after seeing on social media a photograph of an abandoned dog in a shelter of an association. It was a low quality image and it was evident that it was made by someone with the best intentions but without photographic knowledge. What really attracted my attention was the beauty of that animal and […]

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Events and wedding photography with Olympus

I believe for any professional photographer his equipment is just like an item of clothing: it has to fit and be comfortable. Also, it must support one’s personality and be compatible with his own style. I don’t wear neckties or elegant clothes. I don’t feel they fit me and they don’t allow me to be […]

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With Olympus in the Heart of the Earth – in Turda salt cave of Romania

From what timeless world mysterious and solemn portrets, bizzare faces are scattered fantasmagorically? They are sculptured in stones of salt and the air speaks of the harshness of a troublesome past. Nothing disturbes their affiliation. As I analyse deeper the expressivity of the faces that mirror inner guides, sacred monsters I feel closer to this […]

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Lofoten: The Untamed Islands

Biography About 35 years ago, I bought my first camera, a Minolta X700, and started photographing. After lots of experimenting in those early years, the results improved. A meeting with an advertiser changed my life forever; he ‘discovered’ my work and I grew into the role of a professional photographer. My focus was on travel […]

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