Light Roamer

I am an outdoor and travel photographer based in the Seattle area. I recently retired after 24 years in the United States Foreign Service and embarked on my dream photography venture, Light Roamer Photography. I’ve been passionate about photography since my early teen years, when I learned the basics on an Argus C3, a hand-me-down […]

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Everything happened after seeing on social media a photograph of an abandoned dog in a shelter of an association. It was a low quality image and it was evident that it was made by someone with the best intentions but without photographic knowledge. What really attracted my attention was the beauty of that animal and […]

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My respect for Olympus

A decision several years ago to embark on getting more serious about still photography found me holding out my hand and having the beautiful E-M5 (the original) placed firmly in my palm. I was naively looking through a camera store on the hunt for the camera that would fit my needs the question aimed at […]

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Your Memories… My Passion…

Jay Andrino, portrait and wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, explains how he got into photography and why he moved from the Pro level Nikons to the Olympus M43 system and couldn’t be happier.   Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you get into photography? Hello! My name is Jay Andrino, I’m […]

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Cuba and Olympus

Havana, Cuba, 2017.  I feel like I have stepped into some 1950’s film noir. My hotel has an outdoor terrace that leads into the lobby, very old-world, cool, with lots of marble, old polished wood, a piano, small bar, and a set of elevators. Over the elevator doors, the arrows on the vintage dial floor-indicators […]

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