Dark Waters – Good Vibrations

On a recent trip to California I had the opportunity to shoot at Huntington Beach for an evening and came away from that time with a series of images that inspired me to try something different. This short blog post will talk about what I was shooting, how I shot it, and how it was […]

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The High-Res Mode of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Many may have heard of Hi-Res mode but probably few have used it. The most well-known characteristic of this feature is the absolutely incredible 80 Megapixel resolution that can be obtained from a 20MP sensor, but the list of benefits does not stop here. For those who wish to know more about this feature and […]

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Photojournalism with Olympus M43

Hello Arnold! Could you present yourself to the readers? Hello. I am 37 years old, I am French-Polish and I currently live in the south of France. How did you get interested in photography and how long have you been shooting professionally? I was initiated to photography by my cousin when I was a teenager, […]

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Going Light – Micro Four-Thirds in Africa

My timing seems to be perfect. About 20 years ago my eyes started needing glasses. Along came really capable autofocus. Shortly after that, good slide film was getting expensive to shoot. Along came good digital. Last year, my shoulders were getting tired of hauling around big boy cameras and the lenses that go with them […]

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Yellowstone – Winter 2018 with Olympus gear

Introduction One of my bucket list items has always been to shoot Yellowstone in winter. I’m not sure if it’s the thought of seeing the park without the hordes of people or those amazing winter shots you see. But in any case I’ve wanted to shoot it in winter for quite a while now. When […]

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Olympus E-M1 mkII Review, by Daniel Stocker

Thanks to the very friendly people at Olympus Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or in short Olympus DACH, I was able to test the Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII, the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100 f/4 and the Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14 2.8 Pro lenses. Oh the M.Zuiko 12-40 2.8 Pro was in the box as well. A big thank […]

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