My father’s cameras – An Olympus story

  In the past years, with the advances of technology and the accelerated renewal rate of the models of each brand, the cameras have become consumer objects, disposable and turning obsolete in a couple of years. But it wasn’t always like that. Not many years ago a camera was almost like another member of the […]

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How this photograph was made

  “This new place. This you had never seen. This environment. And especially this small smile that escapes from you in occasions, on having seen the image on the screen of your camera, when it finishes him exhibition. It does not have price.” Ivan Antolin What started as a hobby has become a passion that […]

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Olympus Experience In Iceland

  Last summer I spent 11 days in Iceland, which definitely seems to be one of, if not the most popular tourist place right now. Every day I see articles and pictures and videos, all talking about how amazing Iceland is, and I can now say, yes, it is. Part of my excitement prior to […]

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On the way with the Olympus OM-D

First of all I have to point out that I am quite delighted to be part of Olympus Passion’s Inspiration. My name is Hayrettin Bilgin, 43 years old born in Turkey. I am based in Germany, Stuttgart for 36 years. As emphasized on my Instagram-Account (@hayrettin.bilgin): “Since I have held my first DSLR in my […]

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