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Antonio Benetti

About Antonio Benetti

"My name is Antonio Benetti, I was born seventy-three years ago in Ferrara, a small town in northern Italy. I have been approaching photography for over forty years, a little by chance and maybe a little because it just had to happen. I travelled a great deal, but in those days I just looked rather than observing. Even then, I was a photographer, but only with my eyes, if that counts, and I can still see many of those images, despite the passing of the years. Then, one day, the chance encounter with Airone magazine, which at the time was practically the only nature magazine around, released a hidden spring within me. I discovered an unexpected and wonderful new world, a new way of observing and looking around myself. I was struck by the images and by the amount of "detail" that could be "observed" - "new eyes for knowing how to see" - of which Proust had spoken in his phrase that has accompanied me in all these years. What followed is today's history. I love the world's extremities and its fascinating places and when I’m on the move, whenever possible, I always get the urge to look for setting and places where mankind has still not left its mark. Although this is becoming increasingly difficult! Today, leaving aside the photography of animals a little, I really like to go in search of places that represent our historical memory and for this reason, they should be protected and cared for as much as possible. Places where time seems to have stopped and everything seems to move in another dimension. A little lost. Good light everyone!"

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