An old soul

Milan Degraeve loves everything that is old, all the vintage stuff, because he can sense the amount of work that went into making these products with the few resources they had back then.

I call myself an old soul. It’s something I came up with a few months back. It’s because I love old stuff. They are more interesting to me, and I feel like they have more depth to them. Maybe it’s because I am also a designer, and I can sense the amount of work that went into making these products with the few resources they had back then.

I often like to think of them as if they were a person. How much they have aged and what they’ve been through. My passion for cars started at a very young age. For as long as I can remember, cars have always been a part of my life. I think it’s because of my father, who is a big petrolhead. So when I started taking photos, the step to making photo’s of cars was a no-brainer. Combining all those things, I started taking more photos of classic cars or vintage cars. And that’s how photography grew to be important in my life and something I want to do every day.

Two years ago I bought my first camera, and I still use it today. It’s the Olympus OM-D E-M10 MarkIII. A lot of people underestimate this little camera. Till they see the results that can come out of it. It’s not the best camera out there, but it’s portable and lightweight. And that has much more value to me! Post-processing and colour-grading in Lightroom and Photoshop is also a big part of my workflow. I try to make my photos look as consistent as possible. First, because I want to sell a brand. And second, because it’s just pleasing for the eye. I like to look at things in detail because that’s where the difference is. Both in my photos and in the things I photograph.

"Hi, I am Milan Degraeve, and I am a product and travel photographer from Belgium. I am 21 years old and I bought my first camera in 2018 (The Olympus OM-D EM10III). I am hooked with photography ever since. It changed me in the way I see, act, dress and talk. I am always changing between analog and digital photography. It depends on which mood I am. But my Instagram is mainly about digital photography at the moment. Photography is a tool to show people how different everyone can look at the same thing. It’s all about the perspective, time and feelings at that very moment a picture is taken."

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