Learning to Love Micro Four-Thirds

I’ve been a passionate photographer for most of my life. Which, considering I’m 51, has been for quite some time! I grew up in the days of film, and I still shoot some of it now. But since the early 2000’s, like most of us, I’ve ‘moved’ to digital. 18 years ago it was a […]

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Two Years Around the World with my Olympus

Hi there, my name is Marco Zurbriggen. I live with my wife in Zurich, Switzerland. Right now we are far away on a 2 years journey around the world. Before we left, I was working as a Business Analyst, mainly in the Banking sector. To be honest, I was never really into photography until we […]

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Carrying the Olympic Torch Everywhere I Go

Travel and nature has been my great passion. So, I got into diving during my mid 20’s and started venturing into underwater photography and videography during the mid 2000’s. This is where I first got introduced to the Panasonic Lumix ZS3, which took average pictures but great video. However, by early 2012, I started developing […]

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Patience, Persistence and a Little Luck

The Mueller Hut, New Zealand After ascending and pressing forward through heavy rain and cold wind the evening before, my effort and perseverance has brought me here. Here, of all places. It feels like I shouldn’t be here, but there lies the glacier before me – in all its grandeur and magnificence. The streaks of […]

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The Olympian look

The photography was always a part of my environment to be begun with my dad, Daniel LAVAL, among whom it is the passion since the adolescence and which became for all these years, an experienced wildlife photographer. My friend, is also a photographer, we moreover met on Instagram. To date, I consider myself rather as […]

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My respect for Olympus

A decision several years ago to embark on getting more serious about still photography found me holding out my hand and having the beautiful E-M5 (the original) placed firmly in my palm. I was naively looking through a camera store on the hunt for the camera that would fit my needs the question aimed at […]

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