Premium Passion for Outdoor and Wildlife Photography – Interview with Torjan Haaland

In the four years of existence of Olympus Passion, we have done dozens of interviews, but this time we wanted you to be asking the questions. We launched this challenge for our Premium subscribers, who promptly sent an interesting series of highly relevant questions.

This time, we have the honour to interview Torjan Haaland – a Norwegian adventure photographer who spent the last 12 years travelling around, shooting stills and time-lapses.

 Used to travel in search of interesting places and epic landscapes, how did you manage to find inspiration to photograph during the pandemic crisis, with all travel restrictions?
James Evans, South Africa

In Norway, I think we’re quite lucky, because one doesn’t need to travel far by public transport to get outside the cities and explore nature. Most locations are even within walking distance. If you have a car you can basically travel to most places as long as you are healthy and respect others with keeping a 2-meter distance. I don’t own a car, so I use public transportation, and I try to travel outside rush hours, and during weekdays. Either right after work, or take a half-day off.

Have you ever damaged a camera by using it under harsh environmental conditions? If so, which camera was it, and where?
Daniel Wilson, Australia

I have never damaged my gear, luckily. With the Olympus system, I have no fear to use it in harsh conditions. The E-M1 Mark II, III and X are beasts when it comes to weather sealing. I’ve especially used the E-M1X under some harsh weather/storms, and it works brilliantly after. I can’t say the same with the Sony system. I’m not that confident with its weather sealing. For example, I’ve experienced water starting to leak in between the lens and the camera mount (both having dust and moisture protection, as they call it). Luckily I saw it before further use in harsh weather.

For travel/outdoors photography, what camera and lens do you recommend for a maximum budget of, say, 2500€?
Anabella Pérez, Spain


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"My name is Torjan Haaland, and I’m a 32-year-old amateur adventure photographer. My home country is Norway, and I have spent my last 10 years traveling around, shooting still photography and time-lapses. I am currently based in Oslo, working a full-time job in finance, resulting in me doing photography only part-time. "