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  1. David Tenser
    March 17, 2018 @ 08:12

    I don’t really follow the logic. You had a camera that was weather sealed, yet it turned out it wasn’t as protecting as you thought. You then switch to another manufacturer and you immediately have “no doubts” that this one will be better protected. If so, why wouldn’t you put the same trust in the Pen-F? Did you test its (non-) weather seal? Maybe it’s better than the actually weather sealed Fuji…


    • Jonas Loffen
      March 26, 2021 @ 07:53

      Hi David,
      I jump a bit late on the matter, here my experience. I had a Fujifilm xt20 (no weather sealed) in Brittany end 2020, took some photos around the beach, than an heavy rain, weather in Brittany changes very suddenly, so I put my camera on the bottom of my backpack (The North Face), protected by its leather cover and a scarf around. The camera was dry, but the humidity (!) entered into the camera, when I turned on it took photos itself, touchscreen unrensponsive as well. Humidity condensed also a simple grain of dust between the sensor and the protective filter (normally with auto clean disappear) fixing it forever (350eur to replace it from Fujifilm). I sold camera and lenses. I bought an Oly omd e5mkii with pro lens and now I can take photos into a blizzard (from -10c up to 40c). I’ve got plenty of cameras, imho Fujifilm is the ‘less’ weather sealed among the non weather seald cameras – I’m not mentioning the wr fuji bodies- (I got a Canon 6D with L lens, no problem under very light rain/snow but I won’t risk it, instead 5D is another story). I use a x100s for sunny days as well. Pen F is like a x100s, beautiful but delicate. I only know when all the people with consumer cameras stare at the rain/snow/storm/blizzard from a cafe, I’m into the street having fun shooting with my Oly e5mk2. Hope it helps!


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