On the Streets of the City – with Coffee

I am a full-time professor at a university, teaching film theory, digital and visual culture and literature, and now moving into photography on a critical-theoretical level as well. The reasons behind my choices for academic topics are interestingly coming from my hobbies – and so it happened with photography recently. As a child, I was […]

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How I see the world

Hello everyone! I was asked by Maurício & Hugo from Olympus Passion Magazine to write an article about my photography! I am super stoked to get that chance and it came to me as a complete surprise. I did not have to think very long about doing that. I was just hoping I to fulfill […]

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Learning to Love Micro Four-Thirds

I’ve been a passionate photographer for most of my life. Which, considering I’m 51, has been for quite some time! I grew up in the days of film, and I still shoot some of it now. But since the early 2000’s, like most of us, I’ve ‘moved’ to digital. 18 years ago it was a […]

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Two Years Around the World with my Olympus

Hi there, my name is Marco Zurbriggen. I live with my wife in Zurich, Switzerland. Right now we are far away on a 2 years journey around the world. Before we left, I was working as a Business Analyst, mainly in the Banking sector. To be honest, I was never really into photography until we […]

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Carrying the Olympic Torch Everywhere I Go

Travel and nature has been my great passion. So, I got into diving during my mid 20’s and started venturing into underwater photography and videography during the mid 2000’s. This is where I first got introduced to the Panasonic Lumix ZS3, which took average pictures but great video. However, by early 2012, I started developing […]

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