Finding creativity, with the Olympus E-M1 Mark III

Hello everyone. My name is Iñigo, and I live in Vigo, Galicia, on the northwest coast of Spain. Vigo is an industrial city by the sea with an amazing maritime environment and natural attractions. I have had the chance to travel and live in many different cities throughout the years because of my job, and yet here I am, back to my roots. 
Photography, where should I begin? 
During college, I lived in Madrid and Santiago the Compostela, but I was not much into photography those days. I was busy with my social life, studies, and travelling. I think it was after I came back “home” after 3 years in Barcelona that I decided to buy my first Olympus camera and start this little photography journey.
Why buying a camera in the first place? Maybe the passion for photography comes from my job, which I found to be not very creative, and I needed some kind of inspiration in my daily routine. Or maybe it was the curiosity and the desire to relive some special moments over again. 
Even though I wasn’t sure about finding the time for a new hobby, I managed to take the time and read some articles about amateur photography and what to expect of a camera. 
After looking for the perfect fit, I decided I was going into Olympus. I was not really sure about my decision because I had not had the opportunity to play with many cameras before but I do not regret my decision at all!
I could talk a lot about what took me into Olympus instead of another brand, but, to be honest, the size and weight of the OM-D E-M10 were what won me over. This camera is perfect for daily use, and you can take it with you anywhere as it is very light and fits in any backpack. Also, the style and external appearance of the camera was a good selling point as well. 
Right away, I started reading more about photography to better understand parameters and how to put my inspiration on canvas. I wanted to make the most of my camera, and I have learnt a lot since the first picture. I am still learning every day. I am thankful that there are so many social media platforms and accounts where to find tips and inspiration.
Galicia has a huge maritime area. White sand beaches and rocky hills are all over its 1629 km of coast. For me, and after many years living here, there are still many places to explore. Also, some areas are very different depending on the season, so this leaves me with many five-stars places I want to go back to.
Trying to avoid the busy and noisy days in the city, I try to spend weekends making short trips around the region and exploring the countryside of Galicia. Such is the case of Ribeira Sacra, Fragas do Eume, and Costa da Morte to name a few. 
I usually take my camera with me whenever I go out and the most valuable advice I would give to any amateur photographer as I am, is not to leave any photo session behind. Also, learn to discard and select the most important photos you want to keep. Sometimes, I end up with so many photos that it takes me forever to select and choose those ones I want to improve by editing.
Editing is great for learning and improving because while doing so, I can better understand what I intended to reflect on the frame, so it is a lesson learnt for next time. I do not have a special editing flow because I take many different types of photographs: moody sceneries, sunsets and sunrises, architecture while out in the city… I try to explore my options and not limit myself to what I want to express or create, so I do not really have a defined style yet. Maybe it will come; we will see about that. 
I have recently upgraded my camera and gave my old OM-D E-M10 Mark II as a gift to my girlfriend as she is also starting into photography. I am now using an E-M1 Mark III, and I can truly feel the improvement! It feels way sturdier and more robust. IBIS is a joy to use with handheld long exposures, and the weather sealing is great as it normally rains quite a lot in Galicia.
The only disadvantage I have found for now is that my new camera is a bit heavier and bigger. Although, this is fully compensated by the quality and professional feel of it. In my opinion, the E-M10 series is the perfect camera for a quick walk around in the city, and the E-M1 series is great for when I know that I will have the opportunity to take more time while taking photos and trying new approaches. 
As of today, I mainly use the standard zoom lens (12-40mm F2.8 PRO) and a telephoto (40-150mm F4~5.6 R). I have tried some prime lenses, but I always ended up going back to the zoom. I should probably try and force my photography a little bit more with a prime. I also have on my bucket list a macro lens for when I am out in the forest, and a wide-angle lens as well.

"My name is Iñigo Arazuri, and I am a 34 years old guy living in Vigo, Spain. I usually get up early for my cup of coffee and bowl of oats with fruit before the gym, and then I am ready to make the most of my day. I currently work in logistics, and my hobbies are music, travelling, and, of course, photography."

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