Our good friends from Micro4/3 Italia just released their yearly book – DUEMILAVENTUNO, containing the work of 35 authors, from professional to amateur, ranging from many different photography genres.
This vibrant community of Italian photographers wanted to differentiate themselves by leaving the web and bringing photography to its members on a different level.
With this book, they brought together many different people, sharing the same passion for photography and the pleasure of using Olympus M43 equipment as their main photographic tools.
You can enjoy Duemilaventuno in two ways:
1) By purchasing it in paper version from this link:
2) Downloading it in high-quality PDF version from this link:
Yes, you read that right. You can download our photo book completely free and invite others to do it! 
A special thanks to Ugo Baldassarre, the admin of the Micro4/3 Italia Facebook group and its official blog.

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