Soul of the Ocean

We have always had a special affection for print editions. Books and magazines materialise the photographs in proper physical support, making it possible to appreciate them properly.

Hard drives fail, other media is obsolete (who does even remember the Iomega Zip drive?), but the paper is (practically) eternal, noble, has personality.

So when we heard that Małgorzata Szura Piwnik (Misha) released a small book with a selection of images from the Ocean and Portuguese beaches’ Winter atmosphere, we had to have one copy. But there is more; this is not an ordinary edition, it is limited to 12 autographed copies!

Misha is a talented Polish photographer, with a passion for travel and the Ocean. And we are proud to have published her work here in Olympus Passion. For the (few) of our readers who do not know Misha, we strongly recommend you to follow her work at @misha_szura

When we received our signed copy of this book in the mail, immediately stood out all the care and attention to detail, carefully protected and delicately wrapped. We almost felt sorry to open it; you know how it feels?

This first impression continues when we leaf through the book. The many details are absolutely delicious and show that everything was done with intention; nothing was left to chance. The thick, semi-matte paper is of good quality and with a light texture that gives it character. The print lives up to the photos’ quality, and it’s good to enjoy them off-screen for a change.

This edition is out of print, and you will not find it anymore. But we could not fail to praise Misha’s decision to publish this little book, and we hope to see future releases with other of her brilliant projects.

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