Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – February 2020!

Hello everyone!

Time flies, has wings. And here we are, in February. Winter is halfway through its route. Here, we work hard every month to offer you great content, great inspiration, a great insight of what's going on in the world of the Olympus system, showing you some of the best photographers and their images.

The February edition of the Olympus Passion magazine is ready for you! +120 pages of wonderful images and interesting articles.

My ‘Olympus - feeling’
by Szilveszter Nemeth

Bird Photography
by Marco Lazzarelli

On the streets with Olympus
by Jerlijn Kasmani

The unpredictability of the sky
by Reto Aerni

My adventure with Olympus
by Sylwia Ratajczyk

How to shoot the Northern Lights with your Olympus camera
by Hendrik Anne Zwart

No one will see the world the way you see it
by Andreas Tornberg

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