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  1. Rasmus Mattsson
    April 20, 2020 @ 16:07

    Beautiful photos and an interesting post!

    I love Österlen and many other parts of Skåne. I live in Limhamn my self, so not far away from where you have created your new home. Glad to see you seem to enjoy the country and nature despite a bit more grey and cold weather (in the winter at least) 🙂

    I started using Olympus in 2012 and am still with m43. Like you I tried a Sony after a couple of years with Olympus but it felt like killing my photography soul every time I used the camera. The image quality was great but the pleasure just wasn’t there as it was with m43 or my prior system which was Nikon and the D700.

    m43 is simply a superb system, fun to use, amazing lenses, superb cameras and easy to carry along without getting bogged down. I can highly recommend the 300 F4, it’s awesome. So is the 40-150 F2.8 which is my most used lens by far.


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