Travel Photography Masters – a new Special Edition

Hello everybody!

We are delighted to announce the launch of this Special Edition, exclusively dedicated to Travel Photography with Olympus cameras.

We invited 9 fantastic photographers to take part in this publication and each one talks about their personal experience, what inspires them, what equipment they use, their workflow, tips and a lot more.

It is curious to see how diverse this genre can be, with totally different approaches but leading to equally extraordinary results.

Inside this 224 pages pdf edition, beautifully illustrated with fantastic photographs, you will find:

Dressed to shoot
by Lars Klausen Hald
“The greatest photographs are known for their stories, not for their sharpness.”
by Gjermund Hansen
Keeping photography fun and enjoyable
by Olivier Costier
Visual stories – The more interested in the world we are, the more creative we become
by Małgorzata Szura – Piwnik
The route to self-inspiration
by Fabio Di Lima
Starting your journey with an Olympus
by Giorgia Lannello
“The places that have impacted me the most are places I often find myself returning to.”
by Joshua Gray
“I’m always looking for travel destinations where I can take amazing pictures.”
by Eric Letourneur
“Photography allows me to capture experiences and to share them with others.”
by Suzie Weiss



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