New eBook: A Travel Guide for Photographers

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see.” – Old Chinese proverb


After months in development, we are pleased to announce the most complete and beautifully illustrated travel guide, specially written for photographers.

The author, Richard Simko, packed in this book all the knowledge of more than 10 years of traveling and photographing. Over the years he learned a lot about traveling efficiently. And now he offers all he knows in this incredibly well written and illustrated guide.

Inside of this +130-page eBook you will find and learn about:
– Planning
– Packing
– Bags, clothes, footwear and travel gear
– Cameras, lenses and accessories for travel photography
– Backups and useful tips and tricks
– Returning home and taking care of all your gear
– How to behave with different people and cultures
– Health issues and how to prevent getting sick
– Advice on food, drinkable water, vaccines, etc…
– Travel insurance

And many more like:
– Financial considerations
– Travel and photography bag choices
– Renting clothing and other gear
– Smartphone camera and useful apps
– Taking care of the gear while working
– Cleaning the cameras and sensors
– Make friends
– Respect the religion and local customs
– High altitude challenges
– Emergency evacuation
– Food poisoning
– Guides, Fixers and Tuk-Tuk drivers
– …

In this Travel Guide aimed for Photographers the author exemplifies using real case studies and a lot of tips that you can implement in your future travels.



“The very best advice I can give you as a travel photographer is to put the camera down sometimes and just enjoy what is unfolding in front of you.” – Richard Simko


About this eBook

Who is this eBook for
You are somebody that likes to travel but never took a camera with you. You are somebody who likes photography but you never traveled before. You are an aspiring travel photographer. You have experience in regards to travel and photography and you would like to pick up a tip or two. You are not really a photographer but you like to shoot travel videos. A big chunk of the content will apply to you as well. I will go through topics such as planning, packing, travel and photography gear. I touch on workflow on the go, gear care, health and safety, travel insurance. A very important topic I talk about is how to behave in different cultures, how to blend in and many more.

This eBook is not for you
If you want to learn basics of photography, composition and post-processing, this eBook is not for you. There are probably better-suited eBooks around. I may touch on some of these topics as they are somewhat related to the main scope of this eBook. However, I will not go too much into a detail. If you are not interested in travel photography and challenges that are tied to this genre, you may also skip it. Also, this eBook won’t touch on business aspects of travel photography. If you are a professional travel photographer, you know what you are doing already.




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