On the way with the Olympus OM-D

First of all I have to point out that I am quite delighted to be part of Olympus Passion’s Inspiration. My name is Hayrettin Bilgin, 43 years old born in Turkey.

I am based in Germany, Stuttgart for 36 years. As emphasized on my Instagram-Account (@hayrettin.bilgin): “Since I have held my first DSLR in my hand I was instantly charmed by photography.” This very issue is still an ongoing fact which did not leave me for 7 years and will indeed be persistent forever. The beginning of my photography jounery was mainly focusing travel and photo reportage. I as an active runner was always exited about the nature.

This inspiration of the natrure was one of the main facts why I have switched in 2014 the photography genre to nature / landscape photography. I did not just switch the genre but I did also change my equipment from Nikon full-frame to Olympus because of the trekking tours which I’ve also begun in 2014.

As we all know Olympus shines with its lightweight cameras which has the weight of the fraction of other equal cameras and looks damn cool likewise. I have also to add that I have never rejected the change of my equipment since the quality, haptic and ergonomy of the product is just superior.

My equipment which I have used in 2016 (more or less equal to the one in 2014). This is actually an “lightweight” equipment which I do use when I am not on a trekking tour. I tend to use this when I am on tour:

My equipment which I am using right now when i’m on trekking tours:

Since Instagram is the only platform which I am using to share my works with the community it plays a major role in e.g. communicate with like-minded enthusiasts. I have found a lot of new spots through the social media and get alot of feedback regarding my works which allows me to design an adequate rework and rethink my inspiration.

Once I have found a decent spot I move on to the planing. Wheras tools like Google Maps (just to make sure if it is possible to drive a car in the area, are there any overnight accommodation – so I can decide whether a tent is needed or not), Weather Pro (well, this is just nothing more but hoping that the forecast will really occur. As a trekker I do indeed accept and love any weather situation) and Photographers Ephemeris are really helpful in this very part.

Vincent Van Gogh describes my inspiration and my enthusiasm adequately in very simple appropriate words: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere“ There are moments which last for some minutes and it is truly a special feeling to hold these minutes forever. You visit a location and there is really nothing but clouds and then something totally strange happens, the sun crashes in and you find yourself in the nautical time. I’d love to show you some of these moments and the history behind them:

Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8 @14mm . f/14 . 13” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8 @9mm . f/8 . 30” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.12-40mmF2.8 @16mm . f/13 . 50” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8 @7mm . f/6.3 . 1/1000” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.12-40mmF2.8 @40mm . f/8 . 1” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 Mark II . Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8 @8mm . f/8 . 1/6” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 Mark II . Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8 @10mm . f/8 . 13” . ISO 200
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.40-150mmF2.8 @67mm . f/4 . 1/125” . ISO 250
Olympus E-M1 . Olympus M.40-150mmF2.8 @73mm . f/5.6 . 1/160” . ISO 1000

I do have alot of plans for the future. One of them will come true in next year. I will visit the Kackar Mountains (in Turkey). I am thinking about a real trekking tour which means no overnight accommodation. I will just pack my rucksack and begin my journey. Other than that one day I will indeed visit the Faroe Islands. There will be alot going on in the future, keep in touch and visit me on Instagram (@hayrettin.bilgin) from time to time.


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Olympus E-M1
Olympus E-M1 Mark II
Olympus M.7-14mmF2.8
Olympus M.12-40mmF2.8
Olympus M.40-150mmF2.8




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