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  1. Tobias W.
    June 19, 2017 @ 02:45

    The images are diverse and outstanding, I got really curious to know more about that barber event, how you got entrance, built trust and the story these images tell. As interesting as tech talk about camera gear is, can it take a back seat to the images maybe?


    • David Brown
      June 22, 2017 @ 19:45

      Hi Tobias, the article was based on what was asked from the team a Olympus Passions. My introduction to the Bash events just came from me being a bit nosey and asking. I spent 32 years as a firefighter and retired as a commander so I am sort of used to asking people anything really, it was part of my job. My default is, if they say no, there is no harm done and we part ways. There is always the possibility of the outcome in the positive . How I got in was just a series of coincidences , if I hadn’t been with my camera in town passing that particular shop, while they had an event on with a photographer from the Barber Bash there, this never would have happened. Right time, right place, I guess. Yes at first people who had attended the previous events didn’t know me at all,just as I didn’t know them. But trust I think came from being personable, respecting their profession and skills even though I don’t know the first thing about barbering seeing people display their skill to others in the industry was an eye opener. Being able to show them my skill by letting them see the images I was capturing helped to build trust. Once the images were published on social media I had quite a few contacts and messages about the shots, again building a rapport with the Barbers. On my second event it was apparent that they would trust me to show them in the best light. There is a large social element to the events so a few drinks in their company also helped.


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