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  1. Nicholas Lancaster
    July 24, 2023 @ 10:15

    Very sad news. Jay was one of the people that raised my interest in M43 and Olympus in particular which continues to this day — I have two OMDs and a Pen f. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.


  2. Robert Kett
    September 5, 2023 @ 10:23

    An inspirational and thought provoking article

    My first Olympus 4/3 camera was the Pen F with an 12-100 m-zuiko lens with which I took some brilliant photographs.
    To my eternal regret I sold it whilst upgrading.

    I am still an Olympus fan but now owning the OM-1 and many lens combinations – best camera in the world right now (including the top full frame cameras) – and I will stand by and justify that claim


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