New eBook Black & White

We are happy to present you with the new eBook: BLACK & WHITE.

A bad colour photograph will never be a good black and white photograph. This idea may be a cliché, but it is the truest of truths. To think otherwise is to hide the reality. It is a “technique” widely used by those who arrived at photography just a short time ago: trying to fix a mistake with an even bigger one. Converting a colour image to monochrome is rarely a guarantee of success. But this may happen because, in black and white, there is a whole mystery, an aura that is sometimes difficult to explain. There is a force that surrounds us in a way that colours cannot.

This is an eBook designed to showcase some of the best black and white photographs that many have brought to Olympus Passion over the past few years. It wasn’t an easy job of curating, but we loved every minute of it deciding which images fit best side by side, page after page.

If you like a good photography eBook, you can not miss “Black & White”, a 120+ page edition. More than one hundred pages filled with beautiful black and white photographs, with captions that show what equipment was used, the exposure information, the author and website.

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