The Creative Photography Course, with Lisa Michele Burns

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Lisa Michele Burns is an Australian Olympus Visionary and has been working as a professional photographer for 16+years. Throughout her career, she’s photographed for commercial clients such as Lonely Planet, Mastercard, Accor Hotels, Nikon, Leica and Olympus along with working as a wedding and underwater portrait photographer for 5 years and shooting campaigns for tourism boards in Greenland, Japan, France, Canada, and Australia among others. Her website, The Wandering Lens, is one of the leading resources of photography tips and travel guides and it’s through the site that she first started offering photo tours and workshops back in 2017. Due to the travel restrictions of Covid-19 halting future group tours, she is sharing her passion for teaching creative vision and composition online via The Creative Photography Course.

Course Information: The Creative Photography Course is run by Lisa Michele Burns of The Wandering Lens. It’s a six-month program designed to provide keen photographers with the knowledge and creative skills to discover their potential as a photographer. 

Course Structure: All students will receive access to an online learning portal where new workbooks are released on the first day of each month. This allows a structured monthly format for those who wish to follow it, or students can simply download and work through the content whenever they wish. There are no strict assignments or deadlines, it’s designed to fit a flexible pace of learning.

Who is it for? For beginners or intermediate photographers seeking to find direction with their photography and learn creative techniques. It’s for those interested in improving their photography or pursuing a career as a photographer but perhaps need more confidence, creativity or guidance to make it happen. Please note it is not a ‘learn photography’ course and focuses strongly on creative vision and composition along with portfolio development and a creating a defined focus.

Course Highlights: 

  • Flexible online learning with downloadable workbooks
  • A refreshing focus on creative vision and composition
  • Participants will learn to curate, create, plan and prepare their work
  • Private Facebook Group for social support + course networking
  • Free supporting eBook ‘Camera Settings for Landscape Photography’ + Self-Assessment Worksheet and Field Notes.
  • BONUS: Each participant receives a portfolio review valued at $90. The review can be used at any stage during the course and includes a two-page PDF with individual feedback and advice based on a collection of their photographs. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • A refreshed and inspired approach to photography
  • A curated portfolio and defined goals
  • An understanding of creative composition + techniques

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