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Hello, I am Anna, from Poland.

A few years ago I got a photography course, as a birthday present. And it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. It was a way how my conscious adventure with photography has started. I always liked taking pictures, of course, but it was just making fast shoots for family albums.

The photography course has changed to a three years study, which developed my hobby. Photography is my stepping stone from stress, daily life and work in the office.

In school I have met many interesting people, I have known different styles of photography. I could take photos by digital and old fashioned cameras. I have known secrets of digital and analogue darkroom. I have understood how to use a manual mode in camera. During the study, I bought my first digital single-lens reflex camera, at first APS-C, then full frame.

In the beginning, I have taken pictures of my nearest family. Then, I have started leaving out my yard. I liked my reflex camera, but was to heavy for any trips, and it had occupied to much place in my hand-held backpack. I needed something smaller.
I have chosen one camera from the Olympus family – the OM D E-M10 Mark III, with the lenses: 17mm 1.8, 45mm 1.8 and 60mm 2.8 macro.

The dimensions of this camera were important form me, with the 17mm lens it was a great alternative to my SLR camera. I have started carrying it almost all the time. It is light, convenient, easy to use, and its retro look makes me happy to have it close at hand. My mother has the same model, so we are a great Olympus team ☺

I have started do take more portraits, so I use a 45mm 1.8 lens with beautiful bokeh. I often use a 60 mm macro lens to photography insects and dewdrops in my garden. It really calms me down.

I don’t use zoom lenses, but a few months ago I got tempted and I bought a 12-40mm 2.8 PRO lens. I needed one lens for short trips and not to change lenses all the time. I really developed a taste for it. It checks on as well as in the city or in portrait photography. Most of my latest portraits were made with this lens.

I usually shoot in RAW and JPG format, and I edit RAW format in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

I must admit, this model of the Olympus camera is not perfect. It is not waterproof and rather weak for photography in dark places. But I work in natural light, and I don’t do wedding photography.

The Olympus is not my only camera. I take film photos too. I have got old fashioned cameras like a Nikon FM2 and a medium format Rolleiflex. In my collection, I also have a very old folding Kodak camera from 1916, which is used only as a prop.

I like black and white photography, so I usually use black and white firm e.g. ILFORD. But recently I have started to experiment with color, for example Kodak Porta, which has got interesting and delicate colors. But the best friend in photography is my smartphone, which is almost always with me ☺

After study I still develop my passion for photography. I go to locations, visit photo festivals, watch different exhibitions. I don’t visit websites such a Pinterest. I prefer beautiful issued albums. My favorite artists are Peter Lindberg, Herb Ritts and Tim Walker.

I still experiment. I am open-minded to changes, and a camera just helps in the new experiences. I still meet new, interesting, friendly people, and while taking portrait photographs, I cross other borders of my self-confidence. Now I know, my skills and my camera’s limits, so I am aware, how to show my feelings. However, the size is important for me. In my view, smaller, the more comfortable and the easier to use – like my Olympus camera.

"Hello, I am Anna, from Poland. A few years ago I got a photography course, as a birthday present. And it was one of the best gifts I have ever received."

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