Landscape Photography Masters – A special edition for all the landscape lovers

Hello everybody!

We are delighted to announce the launch of this Special Edition, exclusively dedicated to Landscape Photography.

We invited 8 fantastic photographers to take part in this publication and each one talks about their personal experience, what inspires them, what equipment they use, their workflow, tips and a lot more.

It is curious to see how diverse this genre can be, with totally different approaches but leading to equally extraordinary results.

Inside this 138 pages pdf edition, beautifully illustrated with fantastic photographs, you will find:

Magic is in the light. Give me great light and almost any scene can come alive
by Peter Baumgarten

My end goal is an image that reflects my emotional state when I shot the photo
by Jamie MacDonald

My advice is to be patient and persevering. Nobody said it was easy
by Ivàn Antolìn Gutièrrez

Go out very early or rather late and enjoy what you are doing
by Henk Goossens

It’s important to photograph your passions, the things that stir your emotions
by Steve Gosling

Chasing The Light
by Aaron Doss

I give a lot of importance to the composition, to the light, to the moment…
by Diego Garín Martin

A very simple scene that would not be considered normally can be powerful with the right light
by Phil Norton



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