Video Tutorials for Olympus Users

Peter Forsgård is an Olympus Visionary from Finland and a talented professional photographer with 30 years of experience.

He uses Olympus equipment for all his work and he’s thoroughly familiar with the M43 system and how these cameras work. Although Olympus equipments are intuitive enough to use, they are quite complete and immensely customizable to suit the user’s needs. That’s why Peter Forsgård is developing a series of videos that will help you get more out of your Olympus camera. Watch the first series of videos already available and don’t forget to subscribe to Peter’s Youtube channel and visit his website at:


Using Olympus episode 1: Histogram

On this tutorial I talk about how to use and take advantage of the Histogram. You will learn photography. The example is from an Olympus camera but the same method works with histogram with almost any digital camera.


Using Olympus episode 2: Keystone Comp.

Using the Keystone Comp to correct the perspective in camera.


Using Olympus episode 3: Personalise your Olympus!

How to personalise your Olympus by getting your name to the metadata and how to name the files in camera.


Using Olympus Episode 4: High Resolution Image

How to make a high resolution image with your Olympus.


Using Olympus Episode 5: Image Aspect Ratio

In this video Peter talks about the Image Aspect Ratio and how to change it.


Using Olympus Episode 6: MF Clutch

Using the clutch available in some M.Zuiko lenses to switch between auto and manual focus.


Using Olympus Episode 7: Auto ISO

How and why to use the Auto ISO setting in your Olympus camera.


Using Olympus Episode 8: Raw or Jpg?

Raw or Jpeg, Which should you use?


Using Olympus Episode 9: Silent Mode

Silent Mode is very useful in many situations. In this tutorial Peter tells a few situations he has used the Silent Mode. In the video the example was from E-M1 MkII.


Using Olympus Episode 10: Adapters and Vintage lenses

You can use almost any lens on your Olympus. There is an adapter for every mount. In this video Peter talks about how to set information about the lens so that the stabilizer works best with the fully manual lens.


Using Olympus Episode 11: Diopter Correction

Using the diopter correction dial. Very useful for everyone using glasses.

Using Olympus Episode 11: Manual Focus Photography

In some situations, Manual Focus can very useful. In this video Peter explains how to do it in your Olympus and the two options available in your camera to assist you.



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