The new Olympus Passion Photography Magazine was officially launched!

Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Olympus Passion Photography Magazine!

Each month we will present a variety of articles, interviews, tutorials and reviews. We aim to provide a pleasant reading, help you get more out of your camera and inspire you with a selection of incredible portfolios.

Filled with great articles and beautiful photographs, inside this 1st issue (ebook with 123 pages) you will find:

  • Shooting land and seascapes with the E-M1 MarkII and the E-M5 MarkII, with Phil Norton
  • Portrait Passion with the EM-1 MarkII, with Tracie Maglosky
  • Interview with Olympus Ambassador from South Africa, with Sandro Tasso
  • Assumptions, Photography and the Micro Four-Thirds System, by Bradley Hanson
  • And much more…

How much does it cost?

Each monthly issue will only cost 2,50€ (about 2.80 USD), if bought individually, or only 20,00€ (about 22.50USD) for an annual subscription.

Do you wish to be the first receiving our monthly OLYMPUS PASSION Virtual Photography Magazine?
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– The yearly plan costs ONLY €20.00/year (about 22.50USD) so you save 33% over the regular price (12 editions at €2.50 each) > Get 4 magazines for free! Subscribers pay 8 and receive 12;
– Never miss your monthly issue of the virtual magazine;
– Be the first to receive the magazine. Every month will be available at the members area to download;
– Members will periodically receive exclusive offers, like ebooks, videos and presets, not available on the website.


Do you want to buy the Olympus Passion Photography Magazine, but only one issue at a time?

It can’t be more simple: go to our e-store and pick the monthly edition you desire, pay only that individual issue and then you can download the PDF.


Thank you for your support, helping this project to grow and becoming the main source of information for Olympus users.