Olympus Pen E-PL7 Review: The Blogger & Vlogger Camera


It’s perfectly compact for on-the-go snaps if you’re travelling, has interchangeable lenses for getting the perfect outfit shot, and features a flip-out screen that is literally built with vloggers and selfies in mind.

I’ve been using it almost exclusively over the last few months for my blog photos and, depending on which lens I’m using (I’ll get on that in a mo), it’s basically the same if not higher quality than my Canon 600d. Big claim there, I know.

Here are my thoughts on why it’s the perfect camera for blogging, vlogging and travelling (and also a few downsides I’ve noticed since owning it)…


1. Very small and light to carry
Great for: On-the-go blogging, not getting a tired arm whilst vlogging, and travelling light

2. Takes high quality photos for my blog
Great for: Having beautiful blog photos without splashing the cash on a pro SLR

3. Looks cool – and yes that’s allowed to be a reason!
Great for: Being a #basicblogger on Instagram and random compliments from strangers

4. Sends photos straight to my phone or tablet
Great for: On-the-go blogging and travelling when you don’t want to take a laptop

5. Changeable lenses (which are amazing quality!)
Great for: Getting even better blog photos, and looking like you know about camera stuff

6. Flip-out screen
Great for: Making sure your face is in the frame whilst vlogging, and flat-lays – obvs


1. There’s no viewfinder!
Not great for: Anyone used to an SLR… it feels very odd

2. Takes a while to get used to the settings
Not great for: Again, anyone used to a SLR because you need to re-learn

3. Can’t use flip-out screen with a tripod
Not great for: At home vloggers/YouTubers who want to see their face

I hope that gives you an honest idea about the camera and why it’s so perfect for the blogging and vlogging world (and also some things to be aware of so you’re not pissed when it arrives!).


As well as the above pros and cons, I thought I’d share exactly what makes up my Olympus Pen kit, as well as a comparison of the lenses I bought for it too.

The Olympus Pen E-PL7 and Kit Lens (Pancake EZ Digital 14 – 42mm)*
When you purchase the Olympus Pen online, you have the choice of 2 lenses; the pancake 14-42mm with electronic zoom and the standard 14 – 42mm lens. All the reviews I read online said go for the pancake electronic zoom lens, so I did.

It’s a pretty versatile lens and is good for vlogging as it’s not too zoomed in (like the 45mm I’ll talk about below), but to take real advantage of the camera’s quality I’d suggest buying a second lens…

The Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 45mm 1.8 Lens
When I read up about the camera, everyone said this lens was the bomb, and damn it really is. Similar to the famously inexpensive ‘nifty fifty’ lens that all the bloggers buy for their SLRS, this lens is a dream for blurry backgrounds and sharp portraits.

Here are some comparison images of the 45mm lens with the pancake 14 – 42mm kit lens:

E-PL7 Screen Protection Film
Unfortunately with this camera you aren’t able to hide the screen away (something I’m used to with my Canon 600d) which can make it prone to scratches. I’ve got a screen protection film on mine to reduce that risk, and it doesn’t affect the touch screen at all – so why not?

PU Leather Case with Strap
Okay so some people have commented that this case looks kind of like a gas mask, but we’ll glaze over that and put it down to being ‘vintage effect’. Overall this case is very secure and hard wearing so I have no worries about smashing up my baby, aka the Pen.

I also have my eye on the rather delicious looking 17mm 1.8 lens* (perfect for seriously sharp vlogging) and the 9mm fisheye body cap lens* looks fun too!

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Credit to Olivia for the photo of me holding the camera outside.



Anna is a designer, blogger and beach lover, writing and photographing her adventures in her home county of Cornwall, UK, with her dog Pepper and her trusty Olympus Pen.

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