ROOM 144

ROOM 144

There is a place facing the sea, as simple as it is decadent, that invites you to let yourself go.

Sometimes it is not the place, sometimes it is not the time, sometimes it is not the why, sometimes it is simply the need to break or disconnect from the routine, which often raises the question of where to go. You go.

The initial intention of traveling alone for the first time was not to know myself, or to rediscover myself, nor was it even to test my courage as to whether I would be capable or not. The initial intention was much simpler, and yet it was wonderful to feel all those emotions together.

Room 144, is much more than showing what my eyes saw between four walls, it is freedom, it is confidence, it is self-improvement, it is feeling like a motherfucker, but never escape. It was difficult for me to decide to take the step, because despite the idea becoming more and more accepted, the fact that people travel alone, especially women, is still seen as abnormal. But without a doubt, it is an incredible exercise in self-improvement and personal satisfaction. Room 144 is an invitation to let yourself go.

María Tudela
Lorca – España

Text and Photos by María Tudela

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