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  1. Duke
    November 29, 2023 @ 16:19


    I totally agree with that:

    “I also wonder if Olympus will release a full-frame model at some point, that could be exciting. Still, keep the M43 system as they are great cameras, but if they could make a full-frame camera with all the features that OM-1 or OM-5 have then it would be an instant hit on the market in my humble opinion. Imagine a vintage-styled PEN-F or PEN-EP camera with a full-frame sensor and weather sealing, that would be a very interesting alternative to cameras like Fujifilm X100V or the new Nikon Zf.”

    Almost if the price is better than the Sony A7CII and A7CR…

    Duke (from France)


  2. Chris
    January 20, 2024 @ 17:43

    It won’t happen, OM would exhaust all their resources trying to break into that market. It would also dilute the resources needed to keep m43 a viable system.


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