New Olympus Passion website

Hello everyone,

We hope you are well and safe in these difficult times.

Who visit our website for the first time, may not have been aware of the changes we have carried out. But whoever saw this project being born three years ago, or the ones who follow us regularly, probably notice all the changes carried out regarding the design of our website.

It was not an easy change. It never is. There were three years of daily contact. And during all that time, the changes have been minimal, almost unnoticed. But, in the last few months, we began to feel that it was time to make the leap, not for another discreet adjustment, but something completely new.

The last few weeks have been intense, lots of tests and finding solutions for the problems detected, loading some extra information, changing settings, checking if everything works as it should be.

Today, the new website went live. This project is not ours; it belongs to all of you. The ones who make this possible by sharing their stories and photos. And to all of you who follow this project and visit it almost daily.

The new design it’s less complicated, but perhaps more intuitive, elegant.

Since we decided to move into this new home, “photography” has always been the main focus. And, as such, it was inevitable to give it the prominence that it deserves and that the previous design did not allow. Now, the work of photographers who collaborate with us can be seen in all their fullness, displaying larger images.

We sincerely hope that the browsing experience will be even more pleasant and inspire you, even more, to go out and photograph. When this global pandemic situation ends, of course.

Once again we thank you for being here with us, for going with us on this adventure.

Take care. Stay safe.

Maurício & Hugo
The Olympus Passion Team

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