Olympus 25mm F/1.2 vs 25mm F/1.8 Lens Review



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I was looking forward to seeing this review the moment the Olympus 25mm Pro F/1.2 lens was released.  Unfortunately it never came.  I still haven’t seen one. (or at least how I was hoping for) I wanted to know which 25mm lens was I going to actually buy.  I have wanted buy a 25mm lens for a while now but waited to see the pro lens.  What is the difference between the two?  Are there any big differences besides the obvious?  Does the size matter?  Does the speed matter?  Does the weight matter?  Which 25mm is the better for the kind of shooting that I do and for the needs that I have?  No review would help me in that sense.  I needed both lenses in my hands, back to back to really find out.  As for you, the same will probably apply.  You need to try a lens to really know if it works for you.  Hopefully this review will help shed some light, but ultimately my needs might be different than your own.  I will address some of these aspects.


  • The first part of the review will look at the 25mm Pro.
  • The second part will look at the 25mm 1.8.
  • Part three will show the lenses back to back in the same exact shooting scenarios with identical images. Please note, a lot of the imagery I show will be in part three.  Make sure to check that part out.