Olympus 25mm F/1.2 vs 25mm F/1.8 Lens Review



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I was looking forward to seeing this review the moment the Olympus 25mm Pro F/1.2 lens was released.  Unfortunately it never came.  I still haven’t seen one. (or at least how I was hoping for) I wanted to know which 25mm lens was I going to actually buy.  I have wanted buy a 25mm lens for a while now but waited to see the pro lens.  What is the difference between the two?  Are there any big differences besides the obvious?  Does the size matter?  Does the speed matter?  Does the weight matter?  Which 25mm is the better for the kind of shooting that I do and for the needs that I have?  No review would help me in that sense.  I needed both lenses in my hands, back to back to really find out.  As for you, the same will probably apply.  You need to try a lens to really know if it works for you.  Hopefully this review will help shed some light, but ultimately my needs might be different than your own.  I will address some of these aspects.


  • The first part of the review will look at the 25mm Pro.
  • The second part will look at the 25mm 1.8.
  • Part three will show the lenses back to back in the same exact shooting scenarios with identical images. Please note, a lot of the imagery I show will be in part three.  Make sure to check that part out.



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  • Good review and fine comparison. I mostly use the 17mm 1.8 as a walk-around for my street photography, however, I’ve been on the fence too… and settling for the 25mm 1.8. I think mostly it is about size for me. I was also leaning towards the 25mm Pana/Leica 1.4 — but the size of the Oly is swaying me, not to mention it is also half the price of the Pana.

  • Thanks for your grate comparison. I would go for the 1.8 version because
    of weight and cost but I went on with the Panasonic 25mm 1.4 😉
    lens is not as big as the 1.2, it is light and it performs very well on
    the E-M1. In fact there is another lens that needs to be considered in
    this comparison, the Sigma 30mm f1.4.
    As you see you have a lot of “low cost” options to get more light on your sensor if you look around.

  • Samuel L. Mingo

    I think the 1.2 would be great if you were in some harsh conditions, and needed weather sealing. Other than that, I don’t think you could justify the added size and weight if there wasn’t any sort of light gathering ability. I have the 1.8 and it stays on my camera because it’s small, light, sharp, and generally just gets out of my way. I feel like the 1.2 would get in my way, and equipment that gets in the way is never good.

  • H_

    I had the 1.8 and upgraded to the 1.2…

    I think that the 1.8 lens does not provide enough background blur when you want to fit a larger subject (like a 3/4 or full person) in the frame. The 1.2 is just enough.
    Also I think that the transition between focused and out-of-focus areas looks smoother with the 1.2 (even when stopped down to the same 1.8). Plus I love the subtle “swirly” quality of the background, as seen in the first turtle photo here.

    I’m saddened by the size and weight, but finally I’m getting the smoothness I wanted.

    Oh and the lens hood of the 1.8 lens is really crappy. Kept falling off while walking.

  • pdelux

    As an owner of the Pro lens, I agree with your decision to stick with the 25 1/8. I think the points you made that it works for your needs are very well thought out.

    As for me I do like the Weather sealing and yes the Manual Focus is a dream to use, for a while I thought it was real manual focus as it is just like my Voigtlander 17.5mm. I cant believe its Focus by Wire. I am finding I am using the manual focus now more often because the AF cannot be trusted at such thin DOF especially with faces that are not front on where it cannot obtain EYE focus, not ony my lowly Em 5 MK 1 with its large focus box.

    i think the main advantage is you can step back and take wider shots than the F1.8 and still have smoother bokeh and transitions. So your point about the 1.8 being wider is true – but it depends if you still want really smooth bokeh, you can step much further back with the PRO lense and as they say “have your cake and eat it too”. These are the type of shots I like – more than the close up shots where only a sliver is in focus. This is where the lens really shines and gives the most 3d look because you capture alot of foreground as well as the background – and the smooth transitions from OOF to Focus to OOF really gives a 3D look.