3 images with different techniques to convey a different mood and tell a different story to the viewer.
Image 1-I wanted to convey the speed of the clouds and turn it surreal with a lone figure standing in the shot.
EM5ii 7mm f6.3, ISO 200 25′ Nisi IR ND1000 10 stop.
Image 2-This image needed to capture the drama of the sea, too long an exposure would have worked against it.
EM5ii 12mm f9, ISO 200 1/3′ Nisi Polariser to slow shutter and remove reflections from the foreground.
Image 3-A long exposure to turn the water to glass, I wanted the sea and sky to blend to give the viewer a sense of depth.
EM5ii 7mm f6.3 ISO200 25′ Nisi IR ND1000 10 stop.

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