Olympus Passion Photography Magazine

The photography magazine to all Olympus lovers!


The Olympus Passion Photography Magazine is a monthly publication where you cand find a bit of everything around the Olympus system. Portfolios, some articles a bit more technical, interviews, tutorials. And as a bonus, you get also an appendix with a selection of articles from our website, but in a format easier to read!

How much does it cost?
Each monthly issue will cost ONLY 2,50€ (about 2.80 USD) – yes, you read it right! – if bought individualy, or ONLY 20,00€ for an annual subscription.

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Do you want to buy the Olympus Passion Virtual Magazine, but only one issue at a time?
It can’t be more simple: go to our e-store and pick the monthly edition you desire, pay only that individual issue and then you can download the PDF.


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