Simplr F1 Camera Strap Review

A few months ago I had the chance to review the M1a Mirrorless camera strap from Simplr. I really enjoyed it and have been using it a lot since then. But how can something good get better? Making it simpler! Or should I say, Simplr? The F1 Sling-Style Camera Strap When testing the M1a, I’ve […]

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The Olympus E-M1 as an adventure camera

Olympus have long been known as producers of sturdy cameras, that is cameras that can take a bit of a beating and won’t break a sweat in the process. That has certainly been my experience with the flagship Olympus E-M1 over the past few months. Previously I had shot with Canon cameras but having grown […]

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Food Photography with the Olympus Pen-F

Hello Budi! Would you like to start by introducing yourself? Hi there! My name is Budi Permata, also known as @budztapte on IG. I started taking photos in 2014, using a smartphone. It was one of the best cameras on a smartphone, a Lumia 1020. My passion is Food Photography and Landscape too. I started […]

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Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – November 2018!

Hello everyone, Today we are proud to present you the November 2018 edition of the Olympus Passion Photography Magazine! Filled with great articles and beautiful photographs, inside this 18th issue you will find: Heidi Back My story with Olympus Petr Bambousek Botswana – My Trip to Paradise Mateusz Górniak People who do not believe do […]

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BEHIND THE SCENES | Landscape Photography Workshop

Landscape is one of the most demanding disciplines of Photography. Few hours of sleep, cold mornings, rain, long journeys and hard to reach places are aspects quite familiar to all landscape photographers. And a good landscape photo, besides a high amount of luck and a lot of persistence, is essentially due to the combination of […]

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Everything happened after seeing on social media a photograph of an abandoned dog in a shelter of an association. It was a low quality image and it was evident that it was made by someone with the best intentions but without photographic knowledge. What really attracted my attention was the beauty of that animal and […]

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