Learning landscape photography and the use of filters, a 72 min. film with Phil Norton

BUY FULL HD VERSION Over the course of several days we followed the landscape photographer and NiSi filters ambassador, Phil Norton, through one of the most beautiful coastlines in Portugal and Europe. In this adventure, with stunning cinematography and some dramatic landscapes, Phil explains, in a calm and engaging tone about composition, light, use of […]

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Olympus Pen Camera Accessories

My Olympus Pen camera review is one of my most popular posts on my blog and you’ve all really enjoyed reading my thoughts one year on. It’s the only camera I use day to day and along with my 45mm and 17mm lens it’s the only kit I carry. Another thing that’s new one year […]

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Olympus Passion Premium Magazine: the only printed magazine for Olympus users

“The definitive inspirational magazine for the passionate Olympus users.” We would like to begin by thanking all the followers of this project and the many words of encouragement we received since the beginning. Likewise the launch of the monthly magazine was a success, which would not be possible without the generous contribution of our wonderful […]

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Don’t hate the kit lens

  In April 2015 I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M10 which came with the Olympus 14-42mm EZ pancake zoom as a kit lens. I was absolutely amazed when I saw the size of the lens. It is small, portable and decently built lens and when mounted makes the Olympus OM-D E-M10 a ridiculously small package […]

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Olympus 75mm F/1.8 Lens Review

My wife’s sister lives about eight hours away and we get to see her sister’s family three or four times a year. Ever since they had kids, those three or four times a year have become a valuable chance to catch up with and get to know our nieces and nephews. Time has inevitably set […]

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