Going Light – Micro Four-Thirds in Africa

My timing seems to be perfect. About 20 years ago my eyes started needing glasses. Along came really capable autofocus. Shortly after that, good slide film was getting expensive to shoot. Along came good digital. Last year, my shoulders were getting tired of hauling around big boy cameras and the lenses that go with them […]

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Yellowstone – Winter 2018 with Olympus gear

Introduction One of my bucket list items has always been to shoot Yellowstone in winter. I’m not sure if it’s the thought of seeing the park without the hordes of people or those amazing winter shots you see. But in any case I’ve wanted to shoot it in winter for quite a while now. When […]

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Events and wedding photography with Olympus

I believe for any professional photographer his equipment is just like an item of clothing: it has to fit and be comfortable. Also, it must support one’s personality and be compatible with his own style. I don’t wear neckties or elegant clothes. I don’t feel they fit me and they don’t allow me to be […]

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London Notes with Olympus E-M5 and Fuji X30

London, late January 2018 Rainy days in London; sometimes the rain turns into snow. I’m in town with my wife: she has some academic business with English colleagues. Lunches, aperitifs and dinners are my only meeting points during these days. All the rest of the time, I’m goofing around with my two cameras kit: a […]

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Urban exploration with Olympus E-M5 Mark II

After studying graphic design, I started photography in 2001 because my drawings were not realistic enough compared to what I wanted. In 2004 I discovered the urban exploration: the passion was born while exploring and photographing abandoned buildings, then it has not left me since. 
Explore, see what cannot be seen, get off the trodden […]

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With Olympus in the Heart of the Earth – in Turda salt cave of Romania

From what timeless world mysterious and solemn portrets, bizzare faces are scattered fantasmagorically? They are sculptured in stones of salt and the air speaks of the harshness of a troublesome past. Nothing disturbes their affiliation. As I analyse deeper the expressivity of the faces that mirror inner guides, sacred monsters I feel closer to this […]

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Shooting food and travel with my Olympus Pen-F

Hello Chrystall! Would you like to start by introducing yourself to the readers? Hi there! I’m Chrystall and I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember! I got into photography more seriously when I moved to London and my husband gave me my first Olympus camera four years ago. I am passionate […]

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