Portrait Passion

Portrait photography has always been one of the most popular styles of photography. Ever since it was invented, photography technology has been used most widely for portraits: before, only extremely wealthy people could commission their portrait to an artist. Photography and portraiture opened the way to a more detailed culture of our personal image that […]

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Water Element

I’m Stephane Barbier and I live on the French Riviera where I dive regularly. I practice physical sports for maintenance and also to improve my diving practice. I practice diving since 1981 when I passed my first diving level when I was 14 years old. I’m a professional diver since 1987, professional diving instructor, professional […]

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The Art of Light Painting

I am Maria Saggese, a professional photographer specialized in the Light Painting technique, thanks to which I manage to combine photography and art. I nourish myself every day with a passion for art in all its forms, observing the reality which surrounds me in search of inspiration. Sometimes new ideas come out right from the […]

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Just another occasional photographer

I’m a 44-year-old church youth leader from Helsinki, Finland; a family man with a wife and two teenage boys. My job with the church is not as much a job as it is a way of life as I get to do all kinds of great stuff with amazing people. Hiking in Lapland, skiing in […]

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Behind “The Root”

Hi Manuel! Could you please introduce yourself? Hi, my name is Manuel Viera, and I’m the founder of the ‘theroot‘, which is my creative project. I’m from Spain, I live in Seville (Andalucía), and I work as a Cloud Operations Manager. Do you have any hobby? What do you like to do in your free […]

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In the Studio

I’m Joe Sevita, a native New Yorker, and now an amateur studio photographer specializing in fashion, beauty and portraits. I shoot using Olympus. When I started, there was no plan, I had no background in photography, I was inspired by a free studio lighting seminar I took at Adorama while between jobs. When I saw […]

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Maintaining Continuous Focus

Photography was always present in my life and I remember starting with a 110 film camera as a child, progressing to disc film (!) and then APS film before moving to digital photography many years ago. I was an automatic shooter with little knowledge of photography fundamentals but seemed to be able to compose a […]

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