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  1. Howard Diggett
    August 11, 2020 @ 07:47

    I purchased the PL9 and am pleased. Nice to read a professionals point of view


  2. Damien Aked
    September 19, 2020 @ 20:28

    I am relatively new to Olympus cameras. I’ve owned the EPL-7 and now the 9.
    I also use two well known branded bridge cameras.
    I have to say that in two major aspect both my bridge cameras beat the EPL-9 hands down.
    1. The brightness of the screen. In sharp, bright sunlight the screen becomes almost useless (I live in Spain and get lots of bright sunshine to film against). This leads to the second point in that ;
    2. There is no way to add a viewfinder as the 9 only has a ‘Hot Shoe’ capability.
    If it were possible to add a viewfinder the bridge cameras would have had their days numbered… As it out they’ll be staying in my arsenal for lot longer.
    That said, night time photography is a breeze and an utter delight with this little charmer.


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