The all new Olympus Passion PDF Magazine

Dear friends and Olympus enthusiasts,

Exactly 3 months ago this project started. And with all your support and collaboration, it has become a reference portal for all Olympus users, from amateurs to professionals. The Facebook group has been growing fast and became an active community.

And today we have some big news! We are pleased to announce the launch of the Olympus Passion magazine!

This magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to Olympus users, where you can find the latest news around this mirrorless camera system, as well as wonderful portfolios, technical articles, interviews, tutorials and a lot more. All packed in an ebook format, easier to read, that you can download in pdf for your desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone to carry and read anywhere.

Its release is scheduled to the beginning of June, so stay tuned because we’ll have more informations soon.

And the best part is that all the subscribers of the Olympus Passion newsletter will receive this first issue for free! If you haven’t already subscribed our mailing list, please do it, as you don’t want to miss this opportunity!
Best wishes,

Maurício & Hugo
The Olympus Passion team

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* The cover shown is just a mockup




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